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I’m hoping to get a Diana f+ lomography camera for my birthday because i love the effect and simplicity lomography gives phographs





I really liked the graphic design work done in this movie. It was explosive and fit the title completely. As much as i like Guy Richie films for just how they are, I have to admit the design work made me love it even more.


Flag designs

the flag design is to represent a world of unity

the first flag design is to represent 4 hemispheres connected by a cross and in the centre is a white circle. The circle represents the joining of all societies. White represents truce as in a white flag for surrender.      



The second flag represents 4 seeing eyes. These eyes represent society and the 4 things that make it up- ethnicity, culture, race, and gender. The are connected by a cross


flag design

In VR we have to create a flag that represents unity. I looked at several ways to represent unity and so far my favourite is  through primitive Adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols have been around for centuries and the fact that it is a simple and primitive shape and form all audiences can respond to it and react. 

Some of these symbols acutally mean unity or a form of it.

 This symbol- funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu which means “siamese” crocodiles”

this symbol is supposed to symbolize democracy, unity and diversity.

 Mpatapo: This symbol means “knot of reconciliation” and brings peace and reconciliation

 nkonsonkonson which means “chain links” brings unity, and human relations.

Repent book

my design in the repent book

click on the repent link below to view.



for type i had to create a process book showing all the stages of typographic stages. First we started out with single weight, then to multi weight, grids, different point size. This was the last stage of our process.

Amplifying the mean by using the title.


For my typography class we did an invitation for Weiki Somer’s Holland by Hand show.

Here are some of her work